The India Greens Network is a project of the Delhi Greens Organisation established with the objective creating a network of Environmental Non-Governmental Organisations (ENGOs).

The environment today is in a state of crisis which requires immediate and appropriate action. The various environmental challenges that exist today require cooperation and co-action of groups of people working on the various aspects of environment at different levels. A collective action is the key solution to the dismal state of the environment. This can be achieved through a network of like-minded, motivated groups coming together for the common goal of environmental protection.

The India Greens network will enable ease of knowledge and resource sharing which will go a long way in protecting the environment.

The Environmental Non-Governmental Organisations (ENGOs) listed qualify the following criteria:

  • Based in India
  • Is a registered Trust/ Society/ Non-Profit Company
  • Have been in existence for a period of at least three years
  • Shown a proven record of working for the cause of environment